Career opportunities

Bachelor International Business Administration

IBA graduates can be found all over the world, working as a manager in a highly international environment, properly paid.

Some IBA graduates walk straight into a career or set up their own company, but most continue with a master programme first as this improves their career perspectives. Sometimes the larger multinational firms tend to hire master graduates prior to graduation, based on internships and other networking experiences. The main employment sectors and the percentages of IBA graduates entering each are as follows: Consulting (20%), Finance and Accounting (20%), Marketing and Communications (15%), Owner-entrepreneur (10%), Human Resources (10%), Policy Advising (5%) and Other business areas (20%).

Our career services office assists in finding internships and with more than 29,000 alumni in over 80 countries, RSM's alumni network is truly global and provides invaluable job and internship opportunities.

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Recruitment days

The Erasmus Recruitment Days and other career fairs organised by the RSM student association STAR, offer students the opportunity to engage with a host of potential employers. Companies present their activities, give workshops and interview prospective employees while lunches and receptions create an informal atmosphere for introductions. This event is the biggest recruitment event in the Netherlands organised entirely by students.

Career Services Office (CSO) intermediates between companies and students. CSO assists students with finding internships, as well as writing their master’s thesis.

Student activities

RSM’s student association is very active and plays an important role in student life. One of the core aims of STAR is to deepen contacts between students and the business community – providing students with more opportunities for real-world business exposure. STAR publishes a bi-monthly magazine containing in-depth feature articles on relevant business issues, new knowledge from the school, and opinions and discussions about theory and practice.

Life-long member of a business community

With over 10,000 alumni in more than 80 countries, RSM’s alumni network is a truly global one. Our dedicated alumni office constantly connects the alumni community by providing social events, informing them of life long education programmes and keeping them up to date with the latest news from RSM. This world-wide network of alumni provides graduates of RSM with invaluable job and internship opportunities.