Master in Health Sciences

Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSc)

Get the research bug: turn problems into questions, into protocols. Come into contact with top faculty and scientists, and pick up the skills to work in public health or quantitative medicine.

Get the methodological, theoretical, and statistical foundation you need to design and carry out your own practical research—and publish your results. Work in the stimulating environment of the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES). Attend lectures by prominent scientists. Choose your own speciality, and do cutting-edge research with the support of a personal tutor. Learn state-of-the-art research methods, and how to study the literature on an issue, analyse data, and publish in respected journals.

EUR and NIHES are top-ranked institutions with a strong international dimension. Let them be your springboard to a career in international research, public health, health policy, clinical medicine, or pharmaceutical research.

Career opportunities Master in Health Sciences

Students will be prepared for careers in international research or in executive and advisory positions in public health, clinical medicine, drug research and health-policy development.

Education objectives Master in Health Sciences

Once you graduate you will:

  • Have a thorough grounding in existing methods in scientific research.
  • Be able to formulate a problem, translate it into a scientific question and into a research protocol.
  • Be able to gather and analyse literature, data and to draw conclusions.
  • Be able to set these out in articles you submit to international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Target audience Master in Health Sciences

This Master of Science program at Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam targets at people with a relevant Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in a discipline related to clinical medicine and public health who already have prior research experience.

Admission criteria Master in Health Sciences

  • You have a Bachelor's degree or a relevant Master's degree from a school of medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine or from a discipline related to clinical medicine and public health (health sciences, nutrition, biology, pharmacy, environmental sciences, social sciences, economics, etc.). Graduates from disciplines like physics, electrical engineering and computer science are eligible as well. Working experience in the medical field as well as a strong interest in medical applications is required.
  • You have relevant research experience and you already authored several scientific publications.
  • You have a good working command of the English language, both oral and written.

Application Master in Health Sciences

When you register, we will ask for your academic credentials: grade list, certificates, and/or a letter of motivation. The Faculty Board of Examinations will then decide on your admission. Your chosen programme’s homepage will have details on how and when to apply. For additional information please contact the programme’s secretariat.

Specialisation Master in Health Sciences

Please see below for information about the specialisation within this Master Programme. Wether a specialisation is offered full-time or part-time, is indicated accordingly.




Clinical Epidemiology



Epidemiology Full-time Part-time
Genetic Epidemiology Full-time Part-time
Public Health
Full-time Part-time