Giving a (poster) presentation

When a researcher wants to participate in a conference, he or she usually needs to respond to a call for papers of the designated conference. Depending on the number of submitted papers, the acceptation rate of the conference and the quality of the article, the researcher is either rejected, accepted to give a presentation or accepted to give a poster presentation. Keynote speakers are usually asked and therefore do not need to respond to a paper call.

When a paper is accepted the researcher can start preparing a presentation or poster presentation.

Presentation tips and guides:  

Poster presentation tips and guides:

Little time and a strict deadline? Use professional software to create your poster. For example:

Poster Genius (by Scigen technologies) 

Conferences are usually internationally orientated. Therefore, a sufficient knowledge of academic English is essential. EUR staff can make use of the courses provided by the Language & Training Centre: Speaking skills for academic EUR staff

More information on the procedure of participating in a conference in:

The procedure (EUR online course ‘the basics of scholarly publishing’)