The philosophy collection of the University Library (UL) is closely connected with the teaching and research programmes of the Faculty of Philosophy. Books and periodicals on philosophy, the principles of science and related areas such as semiotics and artificial intelligence form the core of the collection.

Core subjects

The core subjects are directly related to the teaching and research programme:

  • analytical philosophy
  • dialectical philosophy
  • ethics
  • history of philosophy
  • logic
  • methodology and epistemology
  • non-Western philosophy
  • phenomenology
  • philosophical anthropology
  • philosophy of art
  • philosophy of economics
  • philosophy of information technology
  • philosophy of law
  • philosophy of medicine
  • political philosophy
  • social philosophy


Location of the collection

The greater part of the book collection is in the closed-access stacks. You can look up publications in the UL catalogue by title and author as well as by keyword and Basic Classification (BC) code. Publications in the closed-access stacks can be recognized in the catalogue by the label 'available for loan' or 'on loan'. Periodicals, general and bibliographical reference works and handbooks can be consulted in the reading rooms.

Periodicals and general reference works

General sources of information such as directories, atlases, general encyclopedias, dictionaries and biographies are in the Mees room on the ground floor.
The current volumes of the important philosophical periodicals are in the Langeveld room.
Titles of all the periodicals in the collection , but not individual periodical articles, are entered in the UL catalogue. Article titles can be checked in the bibliographies of philosophy and bibliographical reference works. Bibliographies that are published regularly in the field of philosophy can be found in the Langeveld room under F1.
A growing number of journals is available online as full text.

Handbooks and other reference material

In the Tinbergen room, you will find the most important handbooks and collected works of philosophers as well as specialist encyclopedias and bibliographical reference works in book form. Also, the recommended and compulsory texts, as well as the readers for philosophy, can be consulted here.


The UL has an increasing number of electronic resources. CD-ROMs and Internet, in particular, are of growing importance. You can look up literature on a specific subject on CD-ROMs. The Philosopher's Index is available on the network. This international bibliography gives references to books and periodical articles in more than 200 journals dating from 1940. De Poortmans Bibliografie van de Nederlandse Filosofie and Francis also include philosophy bibliographies. So does Web of Science.

The work of the most important philosophers is available on CD-ROM under the title 'Past Masters'. These are complete editions of almost all the collected works of Aristotle, Plato, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza, British philosophers from 1600 to 1900 (including political philosophers), Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Peirce, Santayana and Wittgenstein. The series will be continued in the future. Seperate CD-ROMs offer the collected works of Kant and Hegel. Various encyclopedias and history of philosophy compendia can be searched through the database site. This is an important acquisition for carrying out research owing to the many possibilities of searching these texts.

To trace publications that are not in the UL, you can use the network connection with catalogues of other libraries and national databases. These include the The Dutch Central Catalogue (NCC) and Online Contents for periodical articles dating from September 1992.

These resources can be found on the UL website under Search > Other catalogues. Remote access is possible with a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network). Access to the various databases is restricted to staff and students of EUR.

Portal 'Resources on philosophy'

Sources of particular importance for philosophy students have been combined in a portal. You will find them under Search > Resouces by discipline > Resources on Philosophy.

Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet

The Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet has been located in the UL since 1971. It has an important collection of literature on the humanities. Titles can be found in the UL catalogue, as well as separately in the Leeskabinet catalogue. Information about these titles can be obtained at the lending desk of the kabinet. EUR staff and students may borrow free of charge from the Leeskabinet.

More information

  • Drs. Judith G. Gulpers, Liaison librarian
    room B B-16; tel. +31 (0)10 408 1213; home page
  • General information
    tel. +31 (0)10 408 1198


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