NEW: Information Literacy Portal

The University Library has placed everything related to information literacy on one website. In one glance you'll see all the courses, workshops, training sessions and portals that can help you deal with scientific information in an effective way. You can find the Information Literacy Portal on the UL website under the heading Information Literacy.

How would you put this portal into practice? A few concrete examples:

Say you're a first year student and you're preparing a literature review on a particular topic. Suggestions:

  • Read the online course Get to know the University Library. Then you'll know what the University Library has to offer in the way of books and journal articles and how you can find these effectively. Even from home!
  • Take a look at Especially for and discover the resources the University Library offers to search for literature in your field.

Suppose you're a lecturer and you want your students to perform a literature study. You want to teach them how to search for scientific information in the right way. Suggestions: 

  • Fill in the online form and the University Library will arrange a Customized training at the time and location you desire.
  • In preparation for this training, your students can make a start by following the online course Searching for scholarly information.
  • Information especially useful for lecturers and tutors is placed under the heading Information for instructors.

Say you're a master student or trainee assistant professor in the process of writing your thesis or dissertation. Suggestions:

  • Follow the course Scholarly Publishing, for all the ins and outs of this process.
  • Attend a RefWorks workshop and learn how to easily store, manage, export and share references with others.

Suppose you're a student of Economics and looking for financial data on a set of publicly traded companies. Suggestions:

  • Follow the Workshop financial databases and learn how to work with the popular databases Datastream and Thomson One Banker.
  • If "self service" suits you better, get started with 'Getting started with financial data (Dutch only)' by consulting the practical manuals on subjects such as stock data and annual reports.

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For more information please contact the Virtual Desk.

Publication date: 23 November 2009


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