Online scholarly collaboration and publication

The University Library (UL) is offering a new course, Online Scholarly Collaboration, in support of scholarly collaboration and publication.

What is a virtual work environment or collaboratory and what can you do with it? A virtual work environment is a platform for researchers from various locations and disciplines to work together. Using a platform to work together can occur at various points within the research process, for example, working together on an article and/or book, sharing data or preparing a conference together.

You'll learn more about this way of working together in the course Online Scholarly Collaboration. You'll get information about existing work environments, especially in the field of social sciences, and you'll learn how to create a virtual work environment using SharePoint. In addition, the course offers handles for recognizing and identifying critical success factors, especially with respect to the organizational and social aspects of collaboration. You will also see how you can integrate instruments for successfully working together into the research process. In other words, this course is full of practical tips and concrete examples.

The course Online Scholarly Collaboration can be found on the UL's website under 'Information Literacy Portal'.

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For more information, contact Drs. G. Goris, tel. 010 - 408 120.

Publication date: 30 August 2010