Citrix software - download and installation

Some databases are being published using Citrix software.

To use a database which is published with Citrix software, you need to install this software. Using ActiveX control, Microsoft Internet Explorer will automatically offer you the option of installing this software: on first use, you will see an information bar with the option of installing the software.

This software is already installed on the public PCs in the University Library and on most office workstations at EUR.

However, if Citrix software download is not automatically offered, you will need to download it manually. You can download the Citrix client for all Windows versions, from Windows 95 and later, here.

After clicking the above link you will be given a choice to either download or start the software. Choose ‘Download’, select the directory where you want to store the software and click on ‘Save’ or ‘Bewaar’.

Open the Windows Explorer on your PC and find the directory in which you stored the file ica32t.exe. Double clicking on ‘ica32t.exe’ will start the installation of the software client. You will then be shown a screen asking you whether you want to install the software and whether you agree with the license agreement. Both questions should be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘Ja’. After a while you will receive a message on your screen informing you that the installation is complete and asking you to close and restart your web browser.

For other versions such as MAC, Linux and PocketPC: go to and click ‘Downloads’ and then ‘Citrix clients’ (also called XenApp plug-in). Choose the right operating system and download the XenApp Web Plug-in.