E-journals: more information

E-journals is a supplement to the University Library catalogue and the list of Databases through which the e-journals are also accessible. The University Library catalogue offers journal title searching but not the option of searching by provider. Digital sources include provider information but not individual journal titles.

The e-journals can be searched by journal title word(s), discipline or provider.

The default operator for words typed in the Title word(s) field is AND. This means that the search result will contain only those titles that contain all the words typed in the search field. It is also possible to type in part of a word.
If the title word(s) field is left empty, the search result will be a listing of titles according to the other two selection criteria: discipline and provider.

If you select more than one discipline (hold down the Control button) the active operator is OR: the search result will contain those titles that belong to at least one of the chosen disciplines. If you select 'All', all disciplines will be included in the search. The selection criterion ‘Provider’ works the same way.

If the Title word(s) field is left empty and the default choice 'All' remains selected in 'Discipline' and 'Provider', a complete listing of titles will be shown.