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The different disciplines each have their own scholarly information resources. On this page, you will find various entry points for searching for scholarly information on Economics.

Online courses from the University Library



This web page brings together information resources in economics and management that are available via the website of the University Library (UL).

Specific databases

Many databases offer their own manuals and online (live) instructions. These help you make the best use of the capabilities of the database. You will find here an overview of manuals for databases on economics.

  • Database for the fields of economics and management with articles from approximately 2,000 journals. Also contains trade and industry reports, newspaper articles, research reports and information on dissertations. The information in ABI/ Inform is primarily focused on the US, but increasingly also on Europe and Asia. Period: 1970 till present. 

  • Database with full-text journals on economics and management from 1965 onwards. It also contains company profiles as well as trade and market research reports.

  • Datastream contains economic and financial data from e.g. IMF, OECD, and national governments, the "Deutsche Bundesbank" and stock markets worldwide.

  • Factiva contains business information about several major resources, like the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Dow Jones and Reuters newswires, Associated Press, Reuters Fundamentals, and the D&B company profiles. One can search by news source, company, topic, sector and region. 

    Database with information from the annual reports of all organizations that are required to disclose their financial information, including foundations and associations. Reach is part of this database.
    • Orbis manual from the EDCS
    • Within Orbis you can click Help to view the Quick Tour

Resources on information literacy from Erasmus School of Economics

  • Bachelor thesis
  • Master thesis
    Document with information on writing a thesis. Contain information on formal requirements, the writing process, use of sources, tips, useful websites and literature, etc.