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The different disciplines each have their own scholarly information resources. On this page, you will find various entry points for searching for scholarly information for Management

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Specific databases

Many databases offer their own manuals and online (live) instructions. These help you make the best use of the capabilities of the database. You will find here an overview of manuals for databases on management.

  • ABI/ Inform is an important bibliographical and full-text database for economics and management. It contains articles from over 2,000 journals, trade and industry reports, newspapers, research papers and dissertations. It also has a substantial archive.
    The information in ABI/ Inform is primarily focused on the US, but increasingly also on Europe and Asia. Period: 1970 till present.  

  • Contains full-text journals on economics and management from 1965 onwards. It also contains company profiles, trade publications and market research reports.

  • International marketing database. Statistical and quantitative information about markets, companies, and nations. Also contains searchable market research reports.

    • Quick tour: click in Euromonitor 'Help'  in the right upper corner and choose 'Getting Started'

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