Information for instructors

The following information may be very useful for you as an instructor: 

Information literacy modular training method

The possibilities for obtaining and distributing scholarly information have increased dramatically; therefore, the University Library (UL) has developed a modular training method for information literacy to help you make the most of these possibilities. This modular training method consists of different general and discipline-specific training and workshops that build on each other and that can be followed throughout the duration of one’s studies.  

Competency standards for higher education

Students and academics are expected to become increasingly information literate during the course of their scholarly education. But how do you know, as an instructor, if your students are information literate? Some standards have been put in place to help you determine this by. 

Guided tours
During a tour of the library the guide will provide an instruction to your group on the collection, studying in the UL, printing and copying, borrowing books, etc. 

Customized training

The University Library (UL) provides customized training for students and researchers. As a lecturer or staff member of the EUR (or an external educational institution) you can request a group training session tailored to the needs of your group in terms of time, level and subject.
This may be an introduction to the UL, but also an instruction on the stages of the search process, search techniques, the use of RefWorks or searching in a specific database.

Recommended resources from other institutions

The EUR’s University Library is not the only one that considers information literacy important. Here you'll find a selection of resources with information about and materials for information literacy.