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The greatest Internet pitfalls

  • Relying on Internet sources only and thereby missing other key (digital) sources

The Internet is unbeatable in its scope, accessibility and diversity of sources. So, why take the trouble to go to a library if you can also easily find information from home, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. General search engines like Google can search billions of web pages for your keywords in seconds, but they cannot access everything. The UL has paid subscriptions to very many databases that contain digital scholarly resources that cannot be found using search engines. Don’t miss these!

  • Not subjecting Internet sources to critical evaluation and thereby starting your research being poorly informed

Most disadvantages of the Internet have to do with verifiability. While the UL’s sources have been preselected and evaluated by experts for quality and usefulness, with Internet research, you have to figure out by yourself what is and what is not useful. We will look at the methods of evaluating the reliability of sources later on in this course.

  • Getting lost in a labyrinth of information

Search in Google for a random term, and you are likely to come up with an average of a few thousand pages. Most people do not look beyond the first ten hits (in the best case) and thereby miss relevant sources. In this course, you’ll learn how to refine a search question and make a focused search.

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