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The procedure

  1. Call for papers. A conference sends out an invitation and indicates that papers may be sent in. It is good to discuss what you will send in with your supervisor because he or she often has experience with that (type of) conference.

  2. Submission. The second step consists of two options:

    • Writing and sending in a paper before the deadline: pay attention to the requirements and templates of the conference; you can generally find these on their website.

    • Writing an abstract of your paper before the deadline: pay attention to the requirements, which are usually indicated on an abstract submission form.

  3. The conference's feedback. If you're accepted, you will receive a notification of acceptance with comments from reviewers. You might be asked to present your paper. If your paper is accepted but less relevant, you might be asked to give a poster presentation.

  4. Incorporating the reviewers' comments and then sending in the definitive version before the definitive deadline.

  5. Participating in the conference. If you do not register for the conference, your paper will not be in the proceedings. This makes sense because otherwise you get a 'free' publication, and the conference will have trouble filling the program.

  6. Publication of your paper (conference report) in the conference proceedings.