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You can search for journal articles using various search categories:

  • Topic: search with words in the following fields of the title description: Title, Abstract (summary of article), Author Keywords (keywords added to the article by the author) and Keywords Plus (keywords added by WoS); 
  • Title: search by words in the title of the journal article;
  • Author: search by author, editor, corporate author, group author. Use the magnifying glass button next to the search line to select the correct author’s name from an alphabetical list of authors. First enter the last name, followed by the first initial and an asterisk. Example: Zeller F* 
  • Publication Name: search by name of a journal. Use the magnifying glass button next to the search line to select the correct name from an alphabetical list. 
  • Year Published: search by year of publication

You may want to enter one or more search terms in each search line. Select the correct search category next to each line. The search terms in the various search lines are combined automatically. Click ‘Search’ and the screen will display the search result.

View below a demo of a search for articles on the relationship between fast food commercials on television and obesity in children. The following search terms are used:

Television* and advertis*
Child* or youth
Obesity or overweight

Search WoS 

 Click on the image to watch a demo

Finding search terms during the search process

When searching, you may stumble upon other relevant search terms. For example, enter some search terms in the search field ‘Title’ and check a relevant retrieved article for the search terms mentioned in the fields Author Keywords and KeyWords Plus. You may use these terms in further searches.

When you use the search category ‘Topic’, the system will search multiple fields, including Author Keywords, KeyWords Plus (not always available), Abstract and Title, but not Subject Category.

Examples of search terms in a record