Career opportunities

International Bachelor History

History in the field

In many respects, historians are highly valued in the labor market, particularly in the field of politics, education, journalism, business and government administration. Historians have extensive knowledge of the past, which enables them to identify current issues in global society. They are able to gather information rapidly, assess various digital and printed sources, and compose a coherent argument.

Their historical knowledge and skills are crucial in today’s world, but they are also essential for you, as a historian, involved with, for instance, designing historical expositions, teaching, writing articles in newspapers.

The way history functions in society, plays a central role in the International Bachelor History programme. Therefore, in the programme, significant attention is given to current problems and their historical background, in a globalising and digitalising world. Graduates are not only specialists, they are also professionals with a wide social and historical knowledge.

Challenges for historians

Within the world of business, politics and education there is a growing need for academically trained experts. People with a ‘helicopter view’ who can approach issues such as the financial crisis, the dilemmas of heritage tourism, or the threat of war from different perspectives, and understand their historical backgrounds.

Particularly in a world where ad hoc solutions and short-term thinking cannot be used any longer to solve current major societal challenges, historians can help to provide a more nuanced and deeper analysis. History is a multifunctional craft, not only useful to understand the past, but today’s world as well.

A future as researcher?

That could look a bit like the life of PhD candidate Pieter van Heeden, for example;

Orientation Days Job Market

During the Bachelor’s degree in History you will work on your future after your studies are completed. Each year the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication organises the Orientation Days Job Market where you can meet former students of the programme and hear about their experiences in the job market following their studies. Moreover, you will be introduced to companies where there are openings for history graduates.