From expanding markets to the impact of financial crises, the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics is a captivating three year programme that focuses on worldwide issues related to economics and business. Not only will you develop your analytical and problem-solving skills, we also enable you to further develop your writing, reading, speaking and presentation skills during this programme.

After having laid the groundwork in the first two years in economics, business economics and quantitative courses, you can choose from a variety of elective courses and specialisations in your third year. Of course, we honour the name of this programme by encouraging you to explore international perspectives and take classes abroad.

Year one: laying the groundwork

The International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics, concentrates on worldwide issues related to economics and business. Your first year is divided into five blocks of eight weeks. Each block consists of three courses: one economics course, one course in business economics and one or more support course(s) or skills training.

Subjects range from marketing to mathematics and accounting to organisation and strategy. In separate sessions, led by a student mentor, you will train your skills in studying, presentation, writing and debating.

Years two and three: adding breadth and depth to knowledge, skills and experience

Your second year, is again structured around three disciplines. You will deepen your knowledge of the subjects introduced in the first year. You will also be introduced to several new subjects like international economics, finance and economics of ageing. Not just in theory: all courses consist of lectures as well as assignments in small-scaled work groups.

In your third and final year, as they say, the choice is yours. You will pick your major and have the chance to add more breadth to your studies with electives and a minor. Now is also the time to do an internship or take part in an exchange programme at one of our many partner universities abroad.