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International Bachelor in Psychology

Truly international

The Bachelor programme in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam is a truly international programme with a diverse student population. In the infograph below you’ll see the nationalities of over 100 admitted applicants of the year 2015-2016.

Best programme in the Netherlands

In national surveys the Dutch-taught Bachelor programme in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam has been ranked the best programme in the Netherlands eleven times in the past years.

The Keuzegids Universiteiten 2016 (literally translated as: 'Universities Choice Guide', available in Dutch only), for instance, is particularly positive about the content of the studies, the focus on practice and the course load of the Psychology course in Rotterdam compared with other universities. It is the focus on practice in particular (‘acquiring professional skills’) that is highlighted in this survey.

In an annual national survey conducted among students and professors by current affairs weekly Elsevier (available in Dutch only), Erasmus University ranked first of all psychology courses in the Netherlands for eleven times in the past years. The individual and total scores of Erasmus University Rotterdam normally come out above average. The lecturers, the curriculum and the course structure are the features of the programme that students value especially high.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to develop yourself and get to know another culture, as well as compare different educational and academic cultures. This is a wonderful experience which does not need to be complicated or expensive and does not delay your studies.

This programme encourages you to spend a term (the first part of year 3) outside the Netherlands in the third year. You will be able to study at one of the universities with which we have exchange cooperation.  More information about destinations, the conditions for going on an exchange, registration and selection procedures are available here.  

Student testimonial

Felix Schnieder

"I decided to study Psychology when I realised how important this field is within the business world. I have always been very interested in human behaviour and I was keen to understand it better by getting to know the theories behind it."

"Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam has an excellent reputation. I'm looking forward to being able to specialise in Work and Organisational Psychology during my bachelor. This gives me the opportunity to specialise very early on.

My worries about studying in a new language quickly disappeared, as the Problem-Based Learning approach in small groups allowed me to really get used to the language quickly and to study the material in depth. The tutors and professors encourage me to be on top of my workload."