About Erasmus Studio

New media and information technology facilitate new scholarly practices and novel methods of knowledge acquisition and encoding. This is commonly referred to with the label e-research. The Erasmus University (EUR) aims to promote as well as to study e-research. To this end, the Erasmus Studio for e-research was launched in 2007.  Since 2013 the Erasmus Studio secretariat has been housed by the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC).

The Erasmus Studio is carrying out a research program that includes a number of projects with researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds, such as humanities, social sciences, economics, management research and computer science. Strong collaboratives links with the University Library are being maintained and the Erasmus Studio also organizes seminars and courses in which senior researchers as well as PhD students and undergraduates can participate.  

The research community formed by the members of the Erasmus Studio covers a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and interests, and is firmly rooted in scholarly networks and publication channels. The Erasmus Studio closely collaborates with KNAW's e-Humanities Group in Amsterdam which was luanched in January 2011 as a follow-up to the Virtual Knowldge Studio (2006-2011) and other DIgital Humanities initiatives in The Netherlands and abroad.