The University Council consists of 12 students and 12 members of staff, all elected in a university general election. The elections for student members take place every year and staff members are elected every two years. These members are organised into either the student or staff section of the council. All members attend the monthly plenary. Additionally, the members are divided into sub-committees who then prepare individual subjects to be discussed in the plenary.


The councils consist of 6 committees which deal with a broad range of topics. Below are some examples of the topics discussed within each committee.

Education, Research & Student Affairs (ERS) Committee

Chair: Christiaan Meinsma

Examples of topics:

  • Investments in education quality  
  • Innovation of education
  • Studying with an impairment
  • Financial support fund for students
  • Research topics

Personnel, Facilities & Organization (PFO) Committee

Chair: dr. Clemens Festen

Examples of topics:

  • Campus infrastructure
  • Sustainability
  • Equal & fair career opportunities
  • Diversity
  • Working conditions
  • Employee satisfaction

Internal & External Affairs (IEA) Committee

Chair: Kacper Neuman

Examples of topics:

  • Visibility of the council
  • Internal activities
  • External communication
  • Elections

Financial (FIN) Committee

Chair: Nadine Nieuwstad

Examples of topics:

  • University budget
  • University allocation model

Confidential (CC) Committee

Chair: Aleid Barmentlo

Examples of topics:

  • Appointments of certain positions
  • Matters of personal nature


  • Daily management of the council

Agenda composition


CommitteesEBUC (VZ Jiska Engelbert)SBUC (VZ Nadine Nieuwstad)
PFOClemens Festen (VZ), Jiska Engelbert, Ben Bode, Emese von Bone, John Piarelal, Daisy Boogaard, John van WelNaomi van Kalken (vVZ), Nadine Nieuwstad, Samir Oassem, Samira Yekhlef, Rianne Hordijk, Louise van Koppen
ERSNatalja Gersak, Vladimir Karamychev, Bianca JadoenathChristiaan Meinsma (VZ), Boris Pulskens, Kacper Neuman, Daniel Sieczkowski, Jurrien Loosveld, Seungwon Kim
FINBen Bode, Natalja Gersak, Clemens Festen, Vladimir Karamychev, John van WelNadine Nieuwstad (VZ), Samir Oassem, Seungwon Kim
CCJiska Engelbert, Emese von BoneBoris Pulskens, Naomi van Kalken
IEAJohn Piarelal, Daisy BoogaardKacper Neuman (VZ), Christiaan Meinsma, Rianne Hordijk, Louise van Koppen, Naomi van Kalken


Clemens Festen, Jiska EngelbertNadine Nieuwstad, Christiaan Meinsma


Meeting schedule

You can find the meeting schedule of the University Council here.