Week 2

Session 2 – March 25 (Wednesday) 2015 (T18-22) - Visualizing data

An important part of data science is visualisation. Having seen some examples in the first session, now it is time to look at some theories and to provide some hands-on tips for making visualisations.

> Exercises:

  • Open and online tools (Vizter, ManyEyes, and some more). I will point out different tools and examples of visualisations. We will analyse those examples via theories of visualisation.
  • Continuing and/or adding on data acquired in the first session; we will try out different visualizations according to several principles of visualizations (in groups or individually). Students will be challenged to convert findings into presentable formats (designing data, if you will) and to show-and-tell your results.
  • Explaining the (general) process of data- visualization and designing data as used professionally.