Week 4

Session 4 – April 15 (Wednesday) 2015 (T18-22) - Sentiment analysis, text mining and sorting out data 

This session will be focused on text mining and some tools to analyze and visualize large quantities of text. We will compare methods and types of outcomes, also by taking a look at discourse analysis (as an opposite method). In the exercises, students will be introduced into regular expressions (regex) as a way to parse databases with large amounts textual material.

> Exercises:

  • We will look into concepts and processes of sentiment analysis and the underlying assumptions built in sentiment-and text analysis tools. Furthermore, we will project annotation and sentiment analysis on a (set of) text(s) of student's choices;
  • TAMS analyser will be used (or equivalent CAQDAS) to show how different media formats can be annotated and how different types of analysis can be performed;