Visual Culture and Public Policy. Towards is visual polity?

Date: 20/06/2014

Time: 12:15-13:30

Location: Room T3-01

Speaker: Rebecca Moody


Images have traditionally played an important role in politics and policy making, propaganda and public communication. But with the increasing ubiquity of visual technologies that facilitate the production, distribution, and consumption of images in new and innovative ways, contemporary society is inundated with visual material - a visual culture has emerged.

Although visual culture and the technologies which underpin it have been explored, a clear link to policy making is still lacking. This book links the emergence of visual culture in policy making, and explores how the technologies used to create and distribute it, influence the course, content and outcome of public policy.  Dealing with the entire cycle of public policy making from agenda-setting to policy design, decision making to evaluation, it features a diverse range of international case studies from freedom of speech to water management.