Workshop: Web-repositories, Web-collaborative academia and concept-web, worlds who are called to meet?

March 13, 2009 (Friday) / 9:30-12:30 hours. Woudestein Campus, H17-07 (Kralingen-zaal) This workshop is organized in collaboration with Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM).  For more details: follow the link to ERIM site.

Visionary scholars and the web have allowed the tremendous development of web-repositories, a daily marvel (or nightmare?) for academics and researchers around the world. In parallel, several joint initiatives and efforts have been conducted toward the setting-up of a global web-collaborative academia. Today, these two worlds, although highly interconnected, may still appear as on self-directed trajectories. What does it mean, more specifically, for the research in management and economics and specific global research er networks like entrepreneurship research? How can we make optimal use of the new concept-technologies developed by Knewco to add semantic dynamics to the collaborations of researchers and their advanced use of repositories like REPEC. What is at stake for the strengthening of excellence in research in management? These are some of the questions this ERIM/VKS Workshop will attempt to answer:

  1. Welcome @ ERIM the reason for and setting of the workshop. (Wilfred Mijnhardt)
  2. Repec as frontier repository, the business model and what it means to survive as network in a more and more web-collaborative academia and a developing semantic web (Thomas Krichel)
  3. REPEC-NEP-ENT as an example of a viable global community of scholars (800+) on entrepreneurship (Marcus Dejardin)
  4. Knewco: essentials of concept-web, examples in the sciences and opportunities for other fields like management and economics research to use the platform and approach. (Barend Mons)
  5. REPUB and the Wikiprofessional at EUR: VKS and REPUB, first results of piloting with the new platform and semantic discovery. (Gert Goris)
  6. Discussion
  7. Possible next steps in the collaboration