A. Moniz MSc (Andy)

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Role in Erasmus Studio: External researcher 

Andy Moniz is a PhD candidate at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He holds a BA and MA degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and a MSc in Statistics from the University of London. Andy works full-time as a quantitative researcher at APG Asset Management where he is responsible for the design of systematic investment strategies.

Research overview

Andy Moniz’s interests lie in the examination of financial media sentiment for the design of Online Reputation Management (ORM) systems. To date, a growing body of finance and accounting research uses textual analysis to examine the tone and sentiment of corporate earnings reports (Tetlock 2008, Loughran and MacDonald 2011). The application of computational linguistics to non-earnings related corporate news (intangible information) remains a underdeveloped area of research.

Mining and interpreting opinions about companies is a less understood problem than opinion mining for products and services making reputation analysis a challenging task. Firm reputation may be viewed differently by different stakeholder groups (ranging from consumers, employees, investors, regulators, and local communities), hindering the ability to systematically classify news text into one with a positive or negative sentiment without first defining the stakeholder perspective. Fombrun and van Riel (1997) argue that the lack of attention to corporate reputation can be traced to the diversity of literatures explaining the various facets of the reputation construct, while Mahon (2002) suggests that different disciplines make ‘little or no reference to the parallel research being conducted elsewhere’. The research presented here is intended to close the gap by combining insights from empirical finance, statistics and NLP literature.


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