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Role in Erasmus Studio: Researcher in Project Text Technologies and Epistemic Reading

Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner (1981) studied Comparative Literature in Vienna and Brussels. After that he completed a research master in 'Cultures of Arts, Science And Technology' at Maastricht University. Wolfgang has published peer-reviewed papers on African literature and on science as a literary motif. He is especially interested in the relation between text, epistemology, and technology. In 2008, Wolfgang was a visiting student at the Virtual Knowledge Studio Amsterdam. As from October 2009, he is working on a PhD project at Erasmus Studio, with Paul Wouters as his supervisor.

In his PhD project, Wolfgang will investigate how the introduction of novel technologies for the production, dissemination, and analysis of written texts are related to changes in literary research circa 1600 and today. The aim is to compare two points in the history of the humanities that are frequently ascribed revolutionary significance, the so-called „printing revolution“ in the 17th century, and the implementation of e-research infrastructures in literary research today. Methodologically, the project combines three steps. It will firstly look at how technological instruments are embedded in an epistemological and social infrastrucure of literary reserach. Secondly, the project will analyze the relation between technologies for literary reseach and the performance of scholarly identity. Finally, the project combines these two approaches in a longitudinal view on how the technologies in question are co-constructed over time by political and religious authorities, policy makers, scholars, and other relevant parties.

Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner is currently a PhD candidate at the CWTS. He has published a number of papers on this and other topics. Moreover, Wolfgang is part of the CWTS working group on indicators for the humanities and social sciences.