Prof. Dr. K.G. Tijdens (Kea)

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Email address
+31 10 4082153
M 06-10
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Campus Woudestein
3062 PA

Mail: Erasmus University Rotterdam, ESSB, Burg. Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam

Role in Erasmus Studio: Project leader of Erasmus Studio project Improving web-survey methodology for social and cultural research

Kea Tijdens is a professor of Women’s Employment at the Department of Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is a Research Coordinator at AIAS and an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Amsterdam. In 2000, together with Paulien Osse, she founded the continuous WageIndicator web survey about work and wages, currently in 20 countries. Between 2004-2007, she co-ordinated WOLIWEB, an EU-FP6 funded project examining the socio-economic determinants of citizens’ work life attitudes, preferences and perceptions, using WageIndicator data. Since 2006, she coordinates EUROCCUPATIONS, an EU-FP6 funded project aiming to build an 8-country occupations database. Her current research interests include the gendered structures of organisations, gender-based wage differentials, web-surveys.