To preach or to practice: bridging the gap between library practice and user experience in information literacy teaching

Project leader & researcher

Mr. Pieter van Leeuwen
Information Specialist at University Library / Erasmus University Rotterdam
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam, the Netherlands


'To preach or to practice' is a collaboration between the Erasmus Studio and the Erasmus University Library, with additional cooperation of several other Dutch Universities.


Most current information literacy courses seem to be based on the assumption that students have no notable existing search techniques before they enter higher education. Information professionals see it as their mission to alert students to their lack of knowledge and consequently teach them everything there is to know about information literacy. While we do acknowledge the value of information literacy, we also propose a more pragmatic and practical way of teaching, adapted to pre-existing techniques and the natural way students are accustomed to search in their everyday life. 'To preach or to practice' is a research-project consisting of a literature research, in-depth interviews and a large-scale quantitative investigation into the actual search techniques of both (young) scholars and students in the Netherlands.

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