Project Infiniti (COMMIT)

Text mining: detection of trends and events in finance news and social media

Project leader

Franciska de Jong

PhD Students 

K.I.M. Schouten, with contributions by Frederik Hogenboom, Alexander  Hogenboom (all three ESE)  and Andy Moniz (RSM)



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Project Infiniti

General Information

The project Infiniti is funded within the FES-programme COMMIT. The EUR contribution to Infiniti (=WP3) focuses on text mining for the domain of finance (news, social media, etc.). 

To achieve their goals, organisations, individuals and devices alike need to be aware of key players, events and attitudes in the world around them that may affect them or their interests. This is true for many parties. For financial organizations surviving in an unstable economic environment. For governmental organizations with responsibilities to monitor open sources. For knowledge-intensive companies tapping into the collective wisdom of their employees. And for an individual aiming to engage in cultural activities. 

Project Infiniti develops, and enables the exploitation of, open source and open standards tools to support semantic search. We develop retrieval models, algorithms and implementations that combine information retrieval and information extraction technology to provide genuine information access. Our methods go beyond standard document retrieval and rank and characterize entities such as people, organizations, products, … We achieve this using automatically generated profiles, using the relations and developments that entities are part of and using the attitudes in which they are engaged. 

The project’s thematic lines start from existing toolkits and go through multiple cycles of use case analysis, algorithm development, methodological grounding and tool professionalization steps. A range of  provide focus and grounding by supplying the project with use cases. The project’s  will initiate exploitation during its lifetime. 

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