Scholarly Publications (Selection)

This section includes a selection of scholarly publications (co-)authored by current and previous Erasmus Studio members. 


Tanja Wissik, Jennifer Edmond, Frank Fischer, Franciska de Jong, Stefania Scagliola, Andrea Scharnhorst, Hendrik Schmeer, Walter Scholger, Leon Wessels (in press). Teaching Digital Humanities Around the World: An Infrastructural Approach to a Community-Driven DH Course Registry.  To appear in:  Library Tribune


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Moniz, A.J. (2016, June 16). Textual Analysis of Intangible Information. Erasmus University Rotterdam (Rotterdam: Erasmus Research Institute of Management (PhD Serie 393)) Supervisor(s): prof.dr. C.B.M. van Riel, prof.dr. F.M.G. de Jong & dr. G.A.J.M. Berens.

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