Prof. Dr. D. Houtman (Dick)

Selected scientific publications by Dick Houtman

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(2007), Farewell to the Leftist Working Class, New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction (in press, with Peter Achterberg and Anton Derks).

(2007), ‘Cybergnosis: Technology, Religion and the Secular’, in: Hent de Vries (ed.), Religion: Beyond a Concept, New York: Fordham University Press (in press, with Stef Aupers and Peter Pels).

(2007), ‘The Spiritual Turn and the Decline of Tradition: The Spread of Post-Christian Spirituality in Fourteen Western Countries (1981-2000)’, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 46(3): 305-320 (with Stef Aupers).

(2007), ‘Class Is Not Dead – It Has Been Buried Alive: Class Voting and Cultural Voting in Postwar Western Societies (1956-1990)’, Politics and Society, 35(3): 403-426 (with Jeroen van der Waal and Peter Achterberg).

(2006), ‘Rehabilitation and Repression: Reassessing Their Ideological Embeddedness’, British Journal of Criminology, 46(5): 822-836 (with Peter Mascini). (2006), ‘Beyond the Spiritual Supermarket: The Social and Public Significance of New Age Spirituality’, Journal of Contemporary Religion, 21(2): 201-222 (with Stef Aupers).

(2006), ‘Why Do So Many People Vote “Unnaturally”? A Cultural Explanation for Voting Behavior’, European Journal of Political Research, 45(1): 75-92 (with Peter Achterberg).

(2006), ‘Toevluchtsoord voor een bedreigde soort: Over virtuele gemeenschapsvorming door rechts-extremisten’, Sociologie, 2(3): 232-248 (with Willem de Koster). (2006), ‘Soul-Searching in Cyberspace: Christianity and New Age on the Internet’, Kristu Jyoti Journal: Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 22(2): 93-107 (with Ineke Noomen and Stef Aupers; also available at

(2005), ‘“Reality Sucks”: On Alienation and Cybergnosis’, in: Erik Borgman, Stephan van Erp, and Hille Haker (eds), Cyber Space - Cyber Ethics - Cyber Theology, special issue Concilium: International Journal of Theology, pp. 81-89 (also published in the Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese editions of Concilium as, respectively, ‘“Chupadas reales”: Sobre alienación y cibergnosis’, ‘“Realität ist voll ätzend”: Entfremdung und Cybergnosis’, “‘La realtà fa schifo”: Sull’alienazione e la cybergnosi’, and ‘“A realidade suga”: Sobre alienação e cibergnose’, with Stef Aupers).

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