PhD Students

The EUCC initiates, guides PhD-projects and is actively recruiting PhD candidates in all fields of expertise. As the EUR is a comprehensive university, there are PhD candidates employed in the field of Law, Business, Management, Economics, Social studies, Philosophy and in Medical Science. In recent years (from 2010 onwards), we have seen an increase of (CSC) Chinese PhD candidates at the EUR. We hope to continue and nurture this positive development.

Our track records dates back to 1999 and 2001 (Long-Distance PhD), the EUCC organized two Masterclasses for PhD-candidates from partner universities in China. So far, ten of them obtained their PhD-degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam. They are all working again at their home universities in China now. For detailed information, please see link.

The EUCC has actively developed relationships with Chinese universities and educational institutions ever since. In recent years, an active collaboration was formed with the China Scholarship Council. This council funds Chinese students who want to study abroad. Students can find further information about enquiries on the CSC website.

Prospecting PhD Students requirements

The EUCC is an advisory and facilitating entity, but also the vocal point for China-related matters on the campus. Apart from that, the EUCC also recruits prospecting PhD students in China to come to study at Erasmus University.

For a prospecting PhD student it is important to apply for a grant at the China Scholarship Council (CSC), after having found a professor with an appealing PhD project, and to contact Ms. Selano Li (, our main representative in Beijing. She can assist with information, documentation as well as practical knowledge about the Netherlands. Click here to see more details about EUR CSC PhD Project

For a prospecting PhD candidates an IELTS score of 7.0 is compulsory (EUR requirement: minimal subscore of 6.0 for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) or TOEFL score of 100 is compulsory  (EUR requirements: minimal subscore of 20 each for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) is required, or a relevant similar test score. The admission is dependent on the candidate's English level as well as the advice of the supervisor in regard to the Admission Office, who will have the final decision on admission cases.  

Chinese Student Associations

Besides working on The focus of the Chinese Student Associations is on bridging the gap between the Western and the Eastern world through social, cultural, educational and career related activities. Read more...

Prospective Bachelor and/or Master students

Prospective students can find more information about Erasmus University Rotterdam at