Fudan Development Institute Visiting Scholar Program

FDDI (Fudan Development Institute) welcomes qualified scholars, experts and elites in different industries from outside Mainland China to apply for its Visiting Scholar Program. This program allows scholars to interact with Fudan faculty while conducting their independent research at the FDDI. Research interest could be one of the following fields: political science, sociology, economics, environment, finance, and other fields of social sciences. 

  • Where: Shanghai, China
  • For who: Experts and researchers in social sciences
  • Purpose: To strengthen academic research and cooperation, facilitate discussion between researchers across the world 
  • Organization: Fudan Development Institute
  • Time consumed: 30-90 days
  • Privileges: The program will provide a one-off subsidy of ¥20600.00 RMB, including ¥10000.00 for accommodation, ¥5000.00 for international transportation, ¥5000.00 for living expenses and ¥600.00 RMB for insurance.
  • Deadline:
    • May 30th 2018 for Autumn Semester (September – December, 2018)
    • May 30th 2017 for Autumn Semester (September – December, 2017)
    • Nov. 30th 2017 for Spring Semester (March – June, 2018)
  • More information: Fudan Development Institute Visiting Scholar Program