MoU with Jinan University

Jinan University (暨南大学) and Erasmus University recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

On 14 October 2011, a six person delegation from Jinan University arrived in Rotterdam, among which was their president Prof. HU Jun. Drs. Van der Pijl, Secretary General of EUR, welcomed them together with a counter delegation of EUR representatives.

Due to scheduling conflicts, Prof. Schmidt, President of EUR, would arrive during the introduction presentations at which both universities showed their proud history. As well as their ambitions along with their latest achievements.

Jinan University is broad orientated with faculties ranging from: medical, journalism, business and law. And would, just like EUR, proliferate themselves on an international stage regarding collaboration and research. EUR faculty representatives of Communications and Media were also present as they expressed their specific interest in a similar faculty from this Chinese university.

The discussion that followed the presentations were:

Concluded by the signing of the MoU between Jinan University president Prof. HU Jun and President of EUR Prof. Schmidt.

After the signing both delegations had Chinese lunch together as a symbolic closure to their latest achievement and the stepping stone to future

Delegation members of Jinan University:

Prof. HU Jun (President)

Ms. WU Xuanfeng (Director, the Office for Board of Directors)

Prof. YU Huifen (Director, International Affairs Office)

Prof. CHEN Weiming (Dean, College of Liberal Arts)

Prof. GUO Xi (Dean, College of Chinese Language and Culture)

Prof. ZHANG Jie (Dean, College of Economics)

Host members of EUR:

Prof. Schmidt (President of EUR)

Drs. Van der Pijl (Secretary General)

Prof. Arnold (Deputy Dean of Erasmus School of Economics)

Dr. Handke (Assistant Professor of Cultural Economics)

MA. Splint (International Exchange Coordinator of Media and Communication)

Ir. Tseng (Managing Director, Erasmus University China Center)