EUCC & ACSSNL symposium

The EUCC and ACSSNL held a joint symposium on October the 9th, 2010:

Rotterdam, an international and dynamic city, was the venue for the lecture of "Living in Holland", which was successfully held on October the 9th, 2010. The lecture was hosted and organized by the main board and Rotterdam branch of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands (ACSSNL), co-organized by the Erasmus University China Center (EUCC) and supported by the Chinese embassy in the Netherlands.

The motivation of the lecture was to supply practical information to the Chinese students and scholars in the Netherlands. About 300 students was attracted to the lecture from all over the Netherlands. The topics included policies of returning to China, the self-adjustment from studying and working in a company, Dutch Labor Law, Medical knowledge, job application tips, culture gap, learning dutch etc. delivered by Mr. Ping Luo (the director of the education section of Chinese embassy), Mr. Dongkui Fang (Chairman of The Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises in the Kingdom of the Netherlands), Ms. Sophia Su(Manager of the Chinese team of Houthoff Buruma), Ms.Mariska Stevens (director/owner at Crossroad Culture), and the speakers from NXP, Schouten Training, Twente Universnity, ASML, Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Lecture ended with a introduction on how to learn Dutch, delivered by Ms. Mieke Aafjes.

[Ms. Tseng, Mr. Xia of the Chinese embassy in the Netherlands and the ACSSNL organisation]

Nowadays, more and more Chinese students and scholars are coming to study and work in the Netherlands. The information on law, culture, job opportunities both in the Netherlands and in China became the hot points of this lecture. The discussions during lunch breaks and after the lecture also improved the communication. "I learned a lot from the lectures", according to one of the Chinese students. For the students who can not attend the event, the slides and videos of the presentations will be upload online (provided by the ACSSNL organisation). And more events like this are highly appreciated and anticipated by the students.

[2010-10-09 by ACSSNL]