Dr. Ping He

East China University of Politics and Law, Shanghai

PhD-degree: September 2, 2004
Promotor: Prof. Dr. H. de Doelder
Thesis: The Fight against Money Laundering: A Comparative Perspective

He Ping was born in Shanghai in March 1970. She now is associate professor in Criminal Law, Deputy Dean of Studies at East China University of Politics and Law. She started her PhD project on money laundering research at Erasmus University, Rotterdam from 2001. She had dozens of Chinese papers in print in China’s Journals, such as Law, Juristic Review. She also had several English papers published in the Journal of Money Laundering Control in the United Kingdom.

Research topic: “ The Fight against Money Laundering: A Comparative Perspective”

Comparison is of vital importance in the process of understanding. Where there is comparison, there is difference. This book makes some comparison between the EU and China concerning the fight against money laundering, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese suppressive and preventive measures, and offers some advice to improve the comprehensive capability to attack money laundering, to maintain the order of the society and to create a peaceful and stable living environment.

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