Dr. Wenping Luo

Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai

PhD-degree: December 21, 2000
Promoter: Prof. Dr. H.B. Roos
Thesis: Towards an Understanding of Cross – National Logistics

Wenping Luo (1960) majored in shipping economics from 1978 to 1982 and shipping management from 1985 to 1987 (as a graduate student) at Shanghai Maritime University. He studied logistics as a visiting researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam from 1995 to 1996 and later started his Ph D project on Cross-National Comparative Logistics. As an associate professor of Shanghai Maritime University, Mr. Luo has been active in teaching and research in the field of logistics. His papers have been accepted by international Journal and presented at international conferences, he has books and papers in 109istics published in China. Currently, he received several awards in logistics research and promotion in China.

Research topic: “Towards an Understanding of Cross – National Logistics”

This dissertation aims to define the research field of Cross-National Comparative Logistics (CNCL). The basic issues that arise are what are the differences in logistics? How do these differences associate with the business environment? The areas of logistics to compare are discussed and suggested to include concepts, thoughts and practices. The factors that relate to the differences in logistics are identified, which include development level, economic system and culture. A primary research framework of CNCL is built up. Furthermore, logistics both at micro-level (firm's) in logistics best practices and at macro-level (sector's) in distribution, transportation and warehousing between developed countries and developing countries (China) are compared empirically.

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