Dr. Xiandong Zhang

Fudan University, Shanghai
PhD-degree: July 1, 2010
Promotor: Prof. Dr. S.L. van de Velde
Thesis: Scheduling with Time Lags

Xiandong Zhang was born in 1971 in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province of China. He earned a Bachelor degree in Industrial Management and Engineering from Southeastern University (Nanjing, China) in 1992, and a PhD degree in Management Engineering from Tongji University (Shanghai, China) in 1997.

Xiandong Zhang has been working at Fudan University (Shanghai, China) since 1997, as a post-doctoral researcher (1997-1999), a lecturer (1999-2000) and an associate professor (2000-).

In January 2007, Xiandong Zhang started his second PhD study at RSM under the supervision of Professor Steef van de Velde. His research interests focus on machine scheduling and combinatorial optimisation. Results from his PhD research have appeared or have been accepted for publication in the European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Scheduling and Information Processing Letters. He was a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA) (September 2001--January 2002) and at Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) (February--June 2008).  

Mister Xiandong Zhang promoted on July 1st 2010

On July 1st 2010 Xiandong Zhang from the Fudan University of Shanghai (复旦大学) promoted with his thesis “Scheduling with Time Lags’.

His promotor is Prof. dr. Steef van de Velde (RSM). Dr. Zhang is the 10th Chinese candidate to receive a promotion under the wings of the Erasmus University China Center (EUCC) organization.
In his thesis Dr. Zhang creates and analyzes algorithms for different schedules with ‘time lags’. The definition of a ‘time lag’is a certain minimum of time which is necessary to switch from two separate activities within the same task

His research is applicable in many fields, for example in the port of Rotterdam, at which ships need time to travel between terminals.

Promotor: Prof. dr. Steef van de Velde, svelde@rsm.nl  

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