Dr. Xianquan Liu

East China University of Politics and Law, Shanghai

PhD-degree: November 20, 2003
Promotor: Prof. Dr. H. de Doelder
Thesis: Comparative Study of Securities and Future Market Crimes

Xianquan Liu, born in Shanghai, China on December 12th, 1955, is now the dean of law school of East China University of Politics and Law (ECUPL), the professor in criminal law of ECUPL, the leading scholar of criminal jurisprudence, which is the key subject of Shanghai Municipality; the vice president of China Research Association. of Criminal Law and a senior lawyer. In recent years, he has undertaken several scientific research programs supported by National Social Science Fund of China, Shanghai Municipal Fund of Philosophy and Social Science as well as by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Liu not only is the author of several books, such as 'new theory of economic crime', 'a probe into securities market and securities crime', 'the protection of financial risk and punishment of financial crimes', 'topic study on financial crime theory', but also writes more than two hundred papers about on theories of economic crime.

Research topic: “ Comparative study of securities and future market crimes”

Securities and future crimes (otherwise called market abuse crime or market crime) as part of economic crimes in general legal theory, have been drawn greater attention to by the society and the criminal law circles. I believe that a supervisory system should exist of the securities and future markets exist in the economic or administrative theories for should there be illegal behaviors, law and regulations are needed. It is an important task for global legislators, practitioners and scholars to appropriately use the laws and regulations to keep such illegal conduct within certain boundaries.

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