Dr. Yingying Zou

Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai PhD-degree: September 15, 2005
Promotor: Prof. mr. G.J.van der Ziel
Thesis: Delivery of Goods by the Carrier Under the Contract of Carriage by Sea, A Focus on China

Yingying Zou was born on May 8th 1973 in Zhejiang Province, P. R. China. She was awarded with the degrees of LLM (1998), LLB (1995) in China. Since 1998, She works in Law Faculty of Shanghai Maritime University, and now is the Associate Professor of law. In 2002, she was admitted as a PH.D candidate in maritime law in Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
Since 1998, Yingying Zou has been taking part in a series of State Shipping legislations in China. She was a member of the drafting team of Regulations on Carriage of Goods by Domestic Waterway, Regulations on Cargo Handling in Ports and others.
In 1997, Yingying Zou was admitted to the National Bar of P. R. China and has practical experience in the outs tanding Rolmax Law Office, Shanghai as an attorney- at- law.

Research topic: “ Delivery of Goods by the Carrier Under the Contract of Carriage by Sea, A Focus on China”

Legal issue on delivery of goods are the difficulties in the field of maritime law and are also the insufficiencies of the existing maritime legislations. After reviewing the legal systems on delivery of goods and expounding the legal meaning of it, the book deals deeply with the following issues: when a delivery can be deemed as completed? What will be the responsibilities of the carrier with respect to delivery? What are carrier’s liabilities should he deliver goods to wrong person, especially when he delivers without production of bill of lading? What are the remedies for the carrier when the consignee fails to take the delivery?

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