Information for parents

The Eurekaweek is the official introduction week of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Eurekaweek is not a hazing period. When your son or daughter is starting a study at Erasmus University, he or she might be unfamiliar with the student life in Rotterdam. The goal of the Eurekaweek is to introduce your son or daughter to the university and student life in the best possible way.

The Eurekaweek consists of a program starting Monday August 21th and ending on Thursday August 24th. For international students the program will start on Sunday 20th of August. The official program starts at 10.00 am and ends at 23.00 pm daily. After 23.00 pm, the students associations organize parties. Different activities are organized during the week, centered around: Erasmus University Rotterdam, studying, fellow students, the student associations, the sport associations, the study associations and last but not least the city of Rotterdam. It is desirable your child participates in all activities, as this is the best introduction to studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Your son or daughter will be placed in a group of around 15 students, which all will be following the same degree program as your son or daughter. During the week, the group will be accompanied by two senior student guides from the same degree program. With this group, your child will explore the student life in Rotterdam. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. We strongly advise participants to stay in Rotterdam during the week. If you do not live in Rotterdam, your child can stay at the university or at a house of one of the student associations.

The Eurekaweek is organized by the Eurekaweek committee, which consists of eight students. If you have any questions regarding the Eurekaweek, please visit our FAQ page. If you do not find your answer there, feel free to contact the committee through