Urban Management in Europe II

Modules first semester (kopie 1)

The first semester consists of three blocks. The first block takes place in September and October, the second block in November and December and the third block in January and February. Each block consists of different modules and can be followed separately in different years, for those wishing to do the course part time (more info about the part-time MEMR on request).



 Urban Dynamics
 City Marketing
 Transport Economics and Policy
 Managing the Urban Economy
 Urban Management in Europe, Part I



 Sustainable Development and Climate Change
 Urban Culture and Tourism
 Urban Governance
 Urban Management in Europe, Part II



 Research Methods and Techniques


Urban Management in Europe

(3 ECTS)



This module is held in two parts (part I in block 1 and part II in block 2) and reviews contemporary urban-management (best) practices used in different European cities. Emphasis is put on the way urban systems have evolved across Europe during the last decades. Guest lectures from different European cities will provide an overview of the most up-to-date trends in urban management.


Regular lecturing staff:

Prof. Dr. Ann Verhetsel
University of Antwerp

Prof. Dr. Christian Matthiessen
University of Copenhagen

Prof. Dr. Francesc Muñoz
Autonomous University of Barcelona

Prof. Dr. Meine Pieter van Dijk