Eurekaweek Crew

Please note: the registrations are closed. It's no longer possible to sign up as crew.

The Eureka-crew is indispensable during the Eurekaweek. As a crew member, you will support the Eurekaweek Board in all activities during the Eurekaweek. You will make sure the events run smoothly and you will watch over the participants. You also provide information to the participants, help with building up the events and clean up afterwards, this will all be done while working closely with the other crew members and the Eurekaweek Board. In short, organizing the Eurekaweek is not possible without our crewmembers!

As a crewmember you will receive a wristband and you will be present at most events during the week. In addition, you will get free food and drinks throughout the week. The best part about being a crewer is the close relationship between the crew and the Eurekaweek Board and the beautiful memories that will come from it. To show appreciation to the crew and start the bonding, there will be a few activities preceding the Eurekaweek. This will include a dinner together, a pub quiz and a lot of other nice crew events and nights. A few weeks after the Eurekaweek, we all go out again to chat about the undoubtedly great week we have had.


Yes, I want to be crew!

If you want to become a crew member, you have to take a number of things into account:

  • You are exclusively available from August 20th until August 23rd
  • You can work in a team
  • You have a proactive attitude
  • Above all, you want to have a great week!