The registration for crew members for the Eurekaweek will take place from April 1st to May 15th. . 

General information

Want to help the Eurekaweek committee to let the week become a great succes? Become a crew member! 

Sign up as a crew member? Take this chance!

As a crew member you will help the Eurekaweek committee with all kind of activities during the Eurekaweek. You will make sure the event runs smoothly and you will provide information to participants. It is necessary to work closely with both the other crew members as well as the Eurekaweek committee. Without crew members, it would not be possible to organize the Eurekaweek! Being a crew member, you will gain free access to all events during to week. On top of that, food and drinks are provided during the week. The best part of being a crew member is the close relationship you will build with other crew members and the Eurekaweek committee. Moreover, you will make memories that last a lifetime. In order to build a relationship as strong as possible, we will have social drinks and activities before the Eurekaweek. Of course, once the Eurekaweek has finished together we will look back at the hopefully successful week. Would you like to be part of the Eurekaweek team this year? As a crew member you will gain valuable insight in the organization and experience.

If you would like to become a crew member, please take the following into account:

- You have to be exclusively available from August 21th until August 24th.
- You have to be a team player. 
- You work ethic is proactive.
- Above all, you are ready to make it a great week and have a blast! 

You are always welcome to drop by at our office (N2-12) for more information, or send an email to