Main tasks

The organisation of the Eurekaweek consists of many smaller and bigger tasks, which are divided among the eight functions. After the application process, all selected members assigned to one of the functions. The members divide the events in the Eurekaweek and smaller tasks themselves. 



The chairman is responsible for the general management. You make sure that all members of the board perform their tasks well and you keep an overview of the overall process. Moreover, you keep in touch with the university, the associations and the municipality. In this task, it is important to have experience in organising and planning. You are always looking for solutions and you are able to motivate your team. 



The treasurer is responsible for the budget of the Eurekaweek. You have to keep track of incoming revenues and outgoing expenses, invoices and bills. If the treasurer has a clear overview of the financial situation, the other board members know how much they can spend on their events and other tasks. From this year forward, the treasurer will also assist head acquisition in his or her task to help raise money and services from sponsors. 



Head acquisition is responsible for raising money and services from different sponsorship deals. You design a brochure and compose different deals in order to approach potential sponsors. You contact both profit and non-profit parties and learn how to get in touch with a commercial and creative approach. 


Internal affairs:

Internal affairs is in contact with multiple non-profit parties, such as the university, the faculties, as well study-, student-, sports- and multicultural associations. You are responsible for the representation of the university and faculties in the official program of the Eurekaweek. You are also the contact person for all Facilities Services of the university, which makes you a key person in many events during the week. 



Marketing is mostly responsible for designing and printing all promotional material of the Eurekaweek, such as posters, flyers, and a programme booklet. You also have to take care of the clothing that is worn by the board and all volunteers during the week, such as crew and guide shirts. Moreover, you are responsible for different media channels to promote the Eurekaweek. In this task, knowledge of design programmes and social media is desirable. 


Participants & Guides:

Participants and guides is responsible for everything related to (potential) participants of the Eurekaweek and their guides. You make sure that all participants receive the necessary information, are divided into groups with fellow students and are properly guided throughout the entire week. During the Eurekaweek, you will be available at the service point for questions of guides, participants and parents. 


Logistics & Crew:

Logistics and crew is responsible for the general organisation of the Eurekaweek events. Together with the crew, you make sure that every event goes as planned by taking care of the logistical issues, such as power supply, fences and event decoration. The events are divided among all board members, but since you are in charge of logistics in general, you have a good overview of the programme for the entire week. Finally, you recruit, train and manage a large group of crew members.