The Eurekaweek 2017 will take place from 20th till 23rd of August. 

The Eurekaweek is the official introduction week of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. EUREKA is a Dutch acronym which stands for Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam Eerstejaars Kennismakings Activiteiten, which roughly translates to Erasmus University Rotterdam First-Year Orientation Activities. 
It is very important to know that the Eurekaweek is an event initiated by the Erasmus University and no forms of initiation, hazing or ragging will take place during this week! The main purpose of this week is to get you familiarised with Rotterdam's student life and to meet your fellow students!

What is the Eurekaweek?

As a new student at the Erasmus University, chances are that you are completely new to the campus, the student life and the city of Rotterdam. This is exactly the reason why the Eurekaweek is organized. During the Eurekaweek you'll be shown around town by two guides who are older students of your study at Erasmus University. These guides will accompany you during the Eurekaweek and will be able to tell you all about Rotterdam and its student life. 
At the opening of the Eurekaweek you will be assigned to a group of about 15 students from the same study. With these people and your guides, you will explore the student life. During the day the schedule concerns some of the more serious aspects, such as the University and a tour in Rotterdam and in the evenings there are a ton of spectacular parties.

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