Below you can find the frequently asked questions. However, if you still have any questions after reading them, do not hesitate to contact us!


  • The Eurekaweek 2017 will take place from Monday 21st until Thursday 24th of August 2017. For international students the programe will start on Sunday 20th of August. 

  • No! The Eurekaweek is the official introduction week of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and has nothing to do with an initiation ("ragging" /"hazing"). You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to!

  • As a participant, you will be placed in a group with about 12-15 other students from the same study. Two guides, senior students from your study program, will guide you during this week and show you Rotterdam.

  • Of course! You can always use your own mobile phone. In addition, there is an service centre that will be present at specific locations during the week. During the day, there is always someone of the Eurekaweek committee present there and the stand can be contacted by phone: 010-4082154 and via the guides.

  • No, you do not receive ECTS for participating in this week. However, the Eurekaweek is a very useful week, where you can get to know your fellow students, Rotterdam, the University, the associations and the student life much better.

Target groups & Participants

  • The Eurekaweek is meant for everyone who is going to study at the Erasmus University. The participants can be prospective Bachelor, Pre-Master or Master students.

  • No, it is not compulsory, but it is very much advised to participate, as it a useful and nice way to get acquainted with the city Rotterdam, your fellow students (and potential future friends) and student life.

  • No, unfortunately it is not possible to participate in the Eurekaweek as a HBO-student, as it is organized by Erasmus University.

  • No, we attempt to place every participant in groups with students who are in the same year of their study. Furthermore, we'll also try to match you with guides who have followed the same programme, so that they are able to tell you everything about your study.

  • Definitely! Eurekaweek is much more than just a sightseeing tour of Rotterdam. Besides the city of Rotterdam, we mainly focus on discovering the university/institution, the possibilities available to you during your study time, and getting to know your fellow students.

  • Definitely! Eurekaweek is much more than just a sightseeing tour of Rotterdam. Besides the city of Rotterdam, we mainly focus on discovering the university/institution, the possibilities available to you during your study time, and getting to know your fellow students.


  • Curious to know what you can expect during the week? See programme 2017

  • Of course, you are free to do whatever you want: nothing is compulsory during the week. However, it is recommended to take part in as many activities as possible. In this way, you are able to experience the most and have the most fun!

Costs & Payment


  • The costs for participating in the Eurekaweek are € 65,00. This includes lunch, evening meals and access to all the events in the program, but excludes overnight accommodation at the Erasmus University. If you want to sleep at the university, we will charge you € 85,00. See sleeping for more information.

  • There are multiple ways to pay for the Eurekaweek. The easiest way is to pay with iDEAL or Creditcard, which you can chose on the online registration form. 

  • You can send an e-mail to eureka@eur.nl before the 1st of August. We'll criticize you're request and after our approval you can contact Paylogic. 


  • If you prefer to, of course this is possible. But you should be aware that the student associations also offer an interesting evening program, which starts at 10/11 pm. If you do not want to miss out on the parties, it is wise to sleep at the university or find another place to stay within the city. For more information about possibilities for sleeping, click here!

  • You can sleep on the Woudestein campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). You can arrange this when you subscribe for the Eurekaweek.
    Note: during the day this sports center will be used for sports activities. Therefore the center has to be cleared for this activities in the morning. You will have to leave the center before 10 am.

    Please note: Think carefully if you want to stay overnight at the Erasmus University or not before you buy a ticket. If you change your mind after you bought a ticket, you’ll have to inform us before the 1st of August in order to get the money for overnight accommodation reimbursed. The reimbursement will take place after the Eurekaweek, so it will take some time before the money is transferred back to your bank account.   

  • If you would like to know what the life in a real student house is like, or if you don’t want to sleep on the campus, you can arrange a place to sleep in one of the student houses of Rotterdam. Click here for more information. Sleeping at a student house doesn’t mean you have to become a member of a student association!


  • If you subscribe for the Eurekaweek, we will offer lunch and dinner everyday. Breakfast will be offered on Tuesday to Friday.

    If you want to enjoy a vegetarian meal, inform the kitchen when you arrive at the dinner location.

  • If you have an allergy or some other dietary restrictions (e.g. no pork, halal, etc.), you should inform us in advance. We will then try to arrange something for you.

Student associations

  • The student associations offer very interesting evening and night-time programs. Besides this, they give guided tours of their society during the Open House and they present themselves during various parts of the programme. You will also enjoy diner at the students associations.

  • No, this is of course your own choice. During the week the student associations will present themselves. It is possible to become a member during the Eurekaweek, after this week this isn’t possible anymore.

  • No, the introductions of the student associations are the week after Eurekaweek.

Sports clubs & Cultural associations

  • All sports clubs and cultural associations will present themselves during the Eurekaweek.

What to bring to the Eurekaweek

  • If you are not a resident of Rotterdam yet and you are sleeping at the university or at one of the students associations, it is useful to bring the following basic items:

    • Cash money, ID card, debit card, insurance card
    • Charged OV-chipcard (public transportation card) to be able to use public transport. For more information, click here
    • Toiletries
    • Towel(s)
    • Sleeping mattress (when you are sleeping at the university there will be a mattress ready for you).
    • Sleeping bag
    • Pillow
    • Clothing
    • Sportswear, for the sports workshops
    • Shoes in which you can walk a whole week (and dance of course!)
    • Umbrella and/or rain coat (of course the weather will be beautiful, but you never know…)
    • Last but not least bring your good mood!