Eurekaweek Master Day

Challenge yourself during our Master day!

The Eurekaweek is a great way to get to know the city, student life and the university in a fun and informal way. During the week, you will discover everything Erasmus University Rotterdam has to offer to their students. This means that the week is not only great for Bachelor students, but it is also very valuable to Pre-Master and Master students. In order to provide these students with a little extra, the Eurekaweek Board organises a Master day. This day includes key notes from inspirational speakers and workshops from well-known businesses, who will address different sides of a career in Rotterdam. This day will be the perfect way to challenge yourself during the week and start orienting on the possibilities in Rotterdam after your studies. 

This year, the Master day will also be open to student who are not participating in the Eurekaweek, as we also want to provide EUR students with the opportunity to explore their career opportunities in this beautiful city. For participants of the Eurekaweek, the Masterday is a free event. For people who are not participating in the Eurekaweek, the Masterday is only 10 euros. 

The programme of the day:

10.30 - 11.00Welcome with coffee or tea
11.00 - 12.30Plenary session with inspirational speakers 
12.30 - 14.00Company lunch
14.00 - 15.30Workshop
15.30 - 17.30Social drink

Opening and lunch

The day starts with a general session, in which three inspirational speakers from different industries will talk about what it is like to start a career in Rotterdam. They will briefly discuss their current positions and the challenges they encountered. After this session, a big lunch is organised, during which it is possible to talk to recruiters from different companies, while enjoying a nice sandwich. 


After lunch, multiple workshops are organised. The workshops will require a more proactive stance from the students together with the parties that organise these workshops. It will be an educational and challenging afternoon. In this round, you get to choose a workshop that you prefer to attend. There are multiple options:

  • MAEUR & HelloPrint - Growth Hacking in Marketing (25 spots)

In cooperations with HelloPrint, the Marketing Association (MAEUR) organises a workshop about growth hacking in marketing. Helloprint is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in Europe and they can tell you everything about online marketing techniques. So do you want to know all that's going on behind the scenes of a fast growing start-up and the marketing techniques they actually use, register now for this workshop!

  • Collegelife - The International Career (30 spots)

This workshop is aimed at anyone looking to build a network and kickstart their career in the Netherlands within a short period of time. Rather than a traditional reactive approach that focuses on optimising your LinkedIn Profile, we will explore growth hacking tools that will allow you to actively connect with HR managers, accelerate your networking & land your dream job.

** This workshop is mostly relevant for international students. 

  • Albert Heijn -  Inspirational Leadership (30 spots)

Do you want to discover whatever you need to be an inspirational leader? And what you should do to inspire more than 100 employees and to achieve your goals? Do you want to know what the supply chain of a large retailer looks like? During this workshop, a manager of Albert Heijn will take you through a part of the leadership programme and will help you discover your talents. After participating in this workshop, you are also invited to visit the headquarters of AholdDelhaize during a company visit.  

** This workshop is only for Dutch-speaking students. 

  • Het Etiquette Bureau - Business Etiquette (25 spots)

Have you always wanted to know about the best way to present yourself during a business meeting? This workshop will teach you, among others, how to present and dress yourself, as well as how to correctly receive and introduce your guests. This workshops ends with an etiquette IQ quiz with a prize for the most well-mannered participant. A lesson in business etiquette is definitely a valuable addition for anyone who wants to make a fantastic first impression. 

  • Gemeente Rotterdam - Personal Branding and the Coolsingel Game (20 spots)

You are almost graduating, you have learned everything about theories and models. However, the question "what are your talents?" is very difficult to answer. But what is talent and how can you discover your talents? During this 'personal branding' workshop, we help you answer these questions. Afterwards, you will play the 'Coolsingel Game'; a game that is not about winning, but about uniting different interests, such as individual, organisational and team interests. How can you connect them all?

**This workshop is only for Dutch-speaking students. 


Please note: Registrations for the Master Day are closed.