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Every year, the Eurekaweek is organised to make the new students from the Erasmus University Rotterdam familiar with their study, the student life and the city of Rotterdam. The activities will take place from Sunday the 19th of August till Thursday the 23rd of August 2018 at Erasmus University and other locations in Rotterdam.

The Eurekaweek is the perfect opportunity to bring your company or organisation to the attention of the students in Rotterdam. Around 4000 first-year students will arrive in a new environment and will, especially during this week, be open to new information. Moreover, a lot of older students will be involved during this week.

If you are interested in our sponsorship opportunities or if you would like to receive our brochure and some additional information, don't hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form below or call 010-4082154.


Eurekaweek Board 2018 – Team Acquisition

Enid Hartman

Johan Paping


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