Erasmus Sports

As a student at the Erasmus University you can get active at the Erasmus Sports Centre. Here you can practice almost every sport at an affordable rate.


Be fit

You can come as sport with a wide variety of programs and many courses. A few examples are: tennis, squash, kettlebell, pilates, salsa and zumba. You can enroll in these courses online:



There are 26 sporting association with their own competitions and events. These associations represent around 2500 members and when you join them you can participate in their competition.



Erasmus Sport houses five sports that participate on a national level. They are supported to develop themselves even further. These sports are: soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby and rowing. If you want to train and learn to win during your study, these are the sports for you!



Erasmus Sports organizes a few events that you can participate in. These are a skiing trip once a year and the 'Groot Rotterdams Zaalvoetbal Kampioenschap', a futsal tournament, twice a year. Next to that you can participate in over 100 events and tournaments a year. After your workout you can relax in the Erasmus Sports café.

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Erasmus Sports Centre


Opening hours

Monday through Friday: 08.00 - 24.00

Saturday and Sunday: 11.00 - 19.00 uur

Phone number

010-408 1875