Honorary doctorates 2020

On the special occasion of the Dies Natalis, Erasmus University Rotterdam traditionally awards honorary doctorates to individuals in appreciation of their outstanding contribution to science and society.

Jane Dutton

Prof.dr Jane Dutton is the Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Business Administration and Psychology at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Jane Dutton's research and expertise lie at the intersection of strategy, management and organisations, and psychology. She is a world expert in the field of Positive Organisational Scholarship and co-founded the Center for Positive Organizations at the Ross School of Business in 2002.

Her research is focused on processes that build capabilities and strengths of employees in organisations. In particular, she examines how high-quality connections and identity processes increase employees' and organisations' capabilities. Her research has explored compassion and organisations, resilience and organisations, as well as energy and organisations. This research stream is part of positive organisational scholarship, a sub-field of management and organisations. Her past research has explored processes of organisational adaptation, focusing on how strategic issues are interpreted and managed in organisations, as well as issues of organisational identity and change.

Jane Dutton is the only Distinguished University Professor on her Faculty, the highest award given to a faculty member at the University of Michigan. She has won teaching awards at each university where she has been and has won the top research awards at both Ross and in her field of Management and Organisational Behaviour.

Jane Dutton has published over 100 articles and book chapters, edited 13 books and written two books for managers called Energize your Workplace: How to Build and Sustain High Quality Connections at Work (Jossey-Bass Publishers) and Awakening Compassion at Work (with Monica Worline, Berrett-Koehler Publishers). Her research papers have won both the Best Paper Award for the Academy of Management Journal, the Administrative Science Quarterly Award for Scholarly Contribution, and the Breaking the Frame Award for the Journal of Management Inquiry.

Professor Dutton’s work, interests and achievements almost perfectly reflect the mission of RSM to be a force for positive change in the world.

Katharina Pistor

Prof. Katharina Pistor is Edwin B. Parker Professor of Comparative Law and Director of the Center on Global Legal Transformation at the Columbia Law School of Columbia University in New York City. She is a leading scholar and writer on corporate governance, money and finance, property rights, and comparative law and legal institutions.

Prof. Pistor is a German-trained lawyer that does not only have her academic roots in continental Europe, but despite her U.S. affiliation continues to be active in Europe as well. Prior to moving to Columbia in 2004 she worked among others at the highly prestigious German Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law (Hamburg) and the globally highly-recognized Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She specializes in Comparative law, Comparative corporate law and governance, Governing financial systems, and Law and development.

She is internationally very well known for her scientific works on law and finance in the context of which she has developed a highly recognized ‘legal theory of finance’, according to which ‘... financial markets are legally constructed and as such occupy an essentially hybrid place between state and market, public and private.’ With her continued research on the relationship and interaction between finance, financial markets and law, she is arguably making a major contribution to understanding the causes of global economic and financial crises, and – more broadly – the role that law can (and must) play in the creation and distribution of wealth.

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