Honorary doctorates

Kindertekening van de stad van de toekomst

During the Dies Natalis, two honorary doctorates will be awarded for their exceptional academic achievements.

Ien Ang

Ien Ang – Distinguished Professor of Cultural Studies at Western Sydney University, Australia

Professor Ien Ang is one of the leaders in cultural studies worldwide, with interdisciplinary work in many areas of the humanities and social sciences. Her work broadly addresses patterns of cultural flow and exchange in our globalised world, focusing on issues such as the formation of target groups and audiences, the politics of identity and difference, migration, ethnicity and multiculturalism, issues of representation in contemporary cultural institutions, and urban cultures and art.

Her books, including 'Watching Dallas', 'Desperately Seeking the Audience' and 'On Not Speaking Chinese', are recognised as classics in the field and her work has been translated into many languages.

She receives an honorary doctorate because she is a forerunner in interdisciplinary cultural research spanning different areas of the humanities and social sciences. Additionally, she is an inspiration for collaborative cultural research aimed at creating positive societal change. 

Honorary promotor: Prof. Susanne Janssen – Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Ann Masten

Ann Masten – Regents Professor, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development, Distinguished McKnight University Professor at University of Minnesota, U.S.A., and member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2021

Masten's research focuses on factors that enhance the development of resilience in adolescents and families. She and her colleagues highlight behavioural-psychosocial and neurobiological characteristics of resilience and how the combination of the two enables a better understanding of resilience. Masten argues that competence and resilience are present in all children, and that all children need basic encouragement and opportunities during development to succeed.

Masten's book 'Ordinary Magic: Resilience Processes in Development' (quoted 11604x since 2001) provides a guide for policy makers who want to develop support for children who face adversity as a result of poverty, family circumstances or exposure to traumatic violence.

Her outstanding contribution to the study on the development of resilience and for advancing theory on the positive outcomes of children and families facing adversity is the reason for honoring her.

Honorary promotor: Prof. Loes Keijsers - Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

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