Eureka Live
Watch the event live every night at 8 a.m.

Eureka Live

Your daily video update about everything that’s happening during Eurekaweek 2020. Interesting interviews, funny reports, live music and more! Live and direct from our @Eureka LIVE studio on campus.

The daily episode can be watched live here. You can also actively participate yourself thanks to an interactive tool. Start: 8:00 p.m.

Episode 1 

The first episode of @Eureka Live is also the kick-off of the Eureka Week. Guests are the deputy mayor of Rotterdam Bert Wijbenga and Sander Doude van Troostwijk of the Eureka Week organisation. Performances are from the live band and the singer of Hermes House Band.

Aflevering 1

Episode 2

Several interesting guests and Skype conversations with participants. Mariam will teach you how to safely ride your bike in Rotterdam.

Aflevering 2

Episode 3

Update on the Eureka Week with guests Wouter Holleman (Sustainability hub) and Sven Figee (Composer from Rotterdam)

Aflevering 3

Episode 4

The last episode of @Eureka Live! A very special guest today, none other than Jan Peter Balkenende (former prime minister of the Netherlands and current professor of the EUR)! Also, a freshman gets a 'Schorem hair makeover' and Hanna and Augustine vlog about their adventures in Rotterdam.

Eureka Live

Aflevering 4 - Eureka Live